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Finding A Path4U2College


11909 Shavenrock Place,

Raleigh, NC 27613

How Can ACC Help?
Assessment of student’s profile, including academics, extracurricular activities, and long-term goals.
Assistance with standardized test selection, scheduling, prep and score reporting.
Customized college search to find schools that fit the student’s financial, social and academic needs in a place they can thrive and grow.
Strategies and guidance for financial aid and scholarship opportunities to include review of financial aid packages.

Agather College Consulting helps reduce the stress of the college-bound process with the goal of a college-ready freshman at a college that meets the student's needs (academic, social, and financial) where they can thrive and grow. 


Agather College Consulting, LLC is an independent college admissions consulting practice that specializes in guiding high school students and their families through the college search and application process. We advise students on the nuances and requirements of the process as we help each student find a college that best meets their financial, academic, and social needs. 



What are your options?

Agather College Consulting

Comprehensive Packages

Comprehensive packages are designed to support students and families through the entire process from high school to the first semester in college.

Agather College Consulting

Hourly Packages

ACC hourly packages are available for students that need less support in the process.

Why do we need college bound support?  View our frequently asked questions.
  • What's the biggest difference between the comprehensive and hourly packages?
    A comprehensive package runs through the final check in with a student in college. ACC is proactive in reaching out and keeping the student on track and hitting the appropriate college planning milestones along the way, in conjunction with their high school counselor. Hourly packages offer less support, and the student/family is expected to do more on their own in between meetings. Once the student applies the relationship is over unless the student/family reaches out and there is remaining time available within the package.
  • When should we begin working with you?
    The ideal client begins working with ACC during their sophomore year in high school. We limit the number of students we work with in each graduating class to ensure that each student gets the attention and time they need to be successful through the whole application process.
  • What types of students do you work with?
    ACC enjoys working with all types of students from those who hope to attend an elite school to those that are not sure there is a school for them. There are 4,000 colleges and universities out there and lots of great fits schools for any type of student. If we do not believe we are a good fit for a family or student, we have a community of colleagues we can offer families.
  • What are the Student Responsibilities?
    We want our students to enjoy their high school experience with the expectation that they will: Own and "quarter back” the college bound process. Discover their interests and passion and personality preferences, gifts and talents. Know that where they go to school is less important than what they do where they go. Complete college requirements on-time and to the best of their ability. Work with their school counselor and ACC to maximize their experience and the student’s opportunities. Be respectful of the consultant's time, keep appointments, show up on time and submit products per schedule.
  • Why does a family/student need help in the college application process?
    Our reality is that the college admissions process has changed and become a lot more stressful than it was 20 years ago. Additionally, many school counselors have increased student caseloads and little time to individualize the process. Having an experienced college advisor can help families relax and enjoy the process of perhaps their largest expense besides buying a family home. I will work independently with your student to help strategize and personalize their path for future success.
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