Why does a family/student need help in the college application process?

Our reality is that the college admissions process has changed and become a lot more stressful than it was 20 years ago. Additionally, many school counselors have increased student caseloads and little time to individualize the process. Having an experienced and impartial professional coach can help families relax and enjoy the decision process of perhaps their largest expense besides buying a family home. I will work independently with your student to help strategize and personalize their path for future success and I will stay connected through the freshman year to help with the college transition.

What's the biggest difference between the two packages?

In the Comprehensive Path Package, I help drive the process forward in an effort to support the student as they strive to reach the numerous milestones along their path. The A la carte Path Package is for students that need less help in their journey. In this package, the student and family decide which services they need and together plan meetings to provide desired support. In both cases, I appreciate the opportunity to collaborate and partner with the student’s high school counselor to maximize everyone’s efforts.

When should I begin working with your family and student?

Many families begin working with me during their student’s sophomore year in high school while some may wait until their junior year. I limit the number of students I work with in each graduating class to ensure that my students have the attention and time they need to be successful through the entire application process. If I have availability, I will take on seniors in a compressed hourly package. I also offer Senior Jump Start classes the summer prior to senior year and essay packages when I have availability.

What types of students do you work with?

We work with many types of students to include high achievers, “B” students, performing artists and those seeking military options. We believe that there is a good fit path out there for everyone. With that said, we will refer students to other consultants if we feel our expertise does not match their needs and we are not a good fit for them.

What are the Student Responsibilities?

I want my students to enjoy their high school experience with the expectation that they will:

  • Own and "quarterback” the college application process.

  • Discover their interests and passion and personality preferences, gifts and talents.

  • Know that where they go to school is less important than what they do where they go.

  • Complete college requirements on-time and to the best of their ability.

  • Work with their school counselor and our college coach to maximize their experience and the student’s opportunities.

  • Be respectful of our coach’s time, keep appointments, show up on time and submit products per schedule.

What are the Parent/Guardian Responsibilities?

I want parents to enjoy their student’s high school experience as they support them through the decision-making process for their next chapter. Additionally, I expect parents to:

  • Cheer and praise students for their efforts and not comparison-driven results.

  • Be forthcoming on financial constraints early in the process with the student and college coach.

  • Appreciate their student for who they are and not how they compare to other students.

  • Be respectful of the inherent stress of the process and designate specific times to talk about high school academics and college bound process with their student while not allowing it to consume the high school years.

  • Assist, as needed, with planning college visits and the technical pieces of the process to include: required financial paperwork (FAFSA, CSS), testing plan and score reporting.